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Airheads Chewing Gum Watermelon

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Airheads Chewing Gum Watermelon

Airheads Chewing Gum Watermelon is full of flavor thanks to their special micro candies packed into each piece of gum. They have so much delicious flavor in every pack of gum you'll want to chew them all day long.

The same playfully spicy Airheads flavors you love are available in Airheads Gum! This package is full of delicious watermelon flavour.


Try Airheads Chewing Gum Watermelon for an intense, fruity taste. Each chew in this pack of 14 sticks is an explosion of sweet watermelon flavor in your mouth. This fun American treat reminds you of summer picnics where nothing can cool you down better than an ice-cold slice of mouth-watering watermelon. This tasty Airheads chewing gum will take you on a cool walk through memory.


Enjoy playing
Airheads candies are an instant smile booster! With a variety of intense fruity flavors and soft chews, Airheads transformed candy forever. Whether you like them regular sized, minis, large bars or in bite-sized pieces, Airheads is a flavor explosion!


Unwrap the fun
You've never had so much fun eating candy! There's nothing quite like the wildly spicy, playfully chewy chew of Airheads. Try them all and enjoy the fun!


Intense flavor - different sizes
A leisurely stroll on the promenade, a bag of sweets and the salty coast - no more! Airheads shot candy into the future - intense flavors and new sizes. You've never loved candy so much!



The same playfully spicy Airheads flavors you love - now in every stick of Airheads gum, thanks to delicious Micro-Candies. Try all three flavors and keep the fun poppin'! Try the Airheads Chewing Gum Watermelon.


Artificial Sweeteners (E420-E967), Gum Base, Glycerol, Maltilol Syrup, 2% or Less: Acidity Regulator (E296-E330-E334), Artificial Flavors, Aspartame, carrageenan, coconut fat, sucralose, BHT, soy lecithin, colorants (E133-E124-E160a), sweetener (E950)  


34 Grams

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